Habitat restoration is the "Nature" of our business. Unlike traditional landscaping companies that install cultivated greenhouse plants, Habitat Architects, LLC specializes in the installation, maintenance and monitoring of native vegetation. Habitat Architects can provide the services you need whether your project requires native plant expertise for LEED certifications, rain gardens, maintenance free green space or science based resource activities.

Installation and Restoration

Habitat Architects, LLC has the experience and expertise to successfully restore or vegetate any kind of native habitat. The long term health of your installation is provided through careful selection of a diverse variety of native plants and installation techniques most suited to your specific site. Habitat Architects, LLC provides installation and restoration services for the following habitats:

  • Wetlands
  • Prairies
  • Woodland
  • Riparian Woodland Buffers
  • Stream Bank Stabilization
  • Wildlife Food Plots
  • Rain Gardens
  • Butterfly Gardens


Maintenance is the single most important aspect to site success. Without it, your restoration project will see limited success and may need costly and frequent repairs. Habitat Architects, LLC provides a full compliment of native vegetation maintenance services to guarantee vegetative site success. For a typical mitigation project there is generally a period of five years of intensive maintenance and monitoring to insure the native vegetation gets a good start. Many installations have success criteria requiring a certain survival rate and diversity of native species, as well as a reduction of invasive/exotic species. The type of maintenance required from site to site varies by the conditions of the specific site and the design of the installation. Don't let a lack of maintenance jeopardize regulatory compliance and your projects success. Habitat Architects, LLC can provide the following maintenance measures:

  • Invasive/Exotic Species Control
  • Prescribed Burns
  • Erosion Control Remediation
  • Mowing Regimes
  • Herbicide Application
  • Irrigation