Habitat Architects, LLC provides various ecological surveys and studies to assess existing Natural Resources on a site. These studies provide valuable information to assist developers in the early stages of site design.

Wetland Delineations

Habitat Architects, LLC conducts wetland and stream assessments, to quantify the extent and quality of water resources on a site. This type of study is required prior to obtaining a 404 permit from the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers or a 401 water quality certification from the state.

Habitat Inventories

Habitat inventories are used to map the location and ecological value of different types of habitats and vegetative communities. Habitat inventories can also indicate the potential restoration value of existing natural resources on a site, providing an essential element to site planning, helping reduce natural resource impacts and save project time and money. Habitat Architects, LLC has a unique in-house staff comprised of ecologists restoration managers, and engineers that deliver scientific yet user friendly data.

Threatened and Endangered Species Surveys

Critical habitat surveys are often required to determine the extent of preferred habitat for a particular species. The presence of critical habitat is used by regulatory agencies to estimate the potential for existence of a threatened or endangered species and to determine if a full survey for the species is required. If the existence of critical habitat on a site indicates a high potential for the presence of a threatened or endangered species, additional biological surveys can be conducted to inventory the protected species. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers is required to consider the impact a development will have on threatened and endangered species before issuing a 404 permit. State Conservation and Natural Resource Departments are also required to consider the presence of threatened or endangered species. Habitat Architects, LLC biologists and ecologists have extensive experience in completing critical habitat and threatened and endangered species surveys.

Vegetation Surveys and Tree Surveys

Botanical survey and vegetation sampling can be conducted to measure species density and diversity. A vegetation survey provides quantitative data indicating the ecological value and health of a given vegetation community or habitat. Regulatory agencies usually require vegetation surveys as part of yearly monitoring of mitigation areas.

Cultural Resource Surveys

Cultural resource surveys are conducted to determine the presence of historical or archaeological resources on a project site. Habitat Architects, LLC can facilitate any required cultural resource surveys and coordinate with the State Historic Preservation Office (SHPO) to meet the cultural resource requirements your project may have.